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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How to make a blog directory for your blog

UPDATE: April 23, 2012: Looks like Blog Explosion is kaput. All the links to them is no "503 Service Unavailable". Got to disable all the links.

(Update: If you have an AdSense account, read the update at this post first: How BlogExplosion can "explode" traffic to your blog. Important)

Here is an easy way to add a blog directory to your blog and add your blog to MyBlogDirectory (and increase traffic to your blog at the same time). Click on My Blog Directory (this has been made a hyperlink for your convenience). This will take you to My Blog Directory. At the bottom of the page, click "ADD YOUR BLOG" and follow instruction. I will explain how this will increase traffic to your blog later.

Update: (some of it taken from the eMail of the BlogExplosion team)

Everyone needs lots of content on their blog to keep the attention of people that visit, so why not add a blog directory? Adding a Blog Directory to your blog means more sticky content on your blog which attracts repeat readership. People who read your blog directory may want to add their blog to your directory. When they do so, it uses your BlogExplosion referral url and you are credited for the sign-up (to make a blog directory for your blog, you will have to sign up for BlogExplosion (free) I have used various blog exchanges and of all of them BlogExplosion is the best). This means more BlogExplosion referral traffic to you! Your blog will appear in mine, in other's directory as well as BlogExplosion's directory, so you will be getting more incoming links to your blog. There is also a link at the top of your customized blog directory that means people can get back to your blog easily. To read about how BlogExplosion can 'explode' traffic to your blog, see "How BlogExplosion 'explode' traffic to your blog". BTW BlogExplosion is family safe as they don't allow blogs with explicit sexual content, images or text, severe profanity, hate blogs, blogs that promote violence and death, or blogs that support or encourage any kind of illegal activities.

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  1. Sorry...Where is this link section you can click on? Too dummy:-(

    You wrote:
    "Go to the links section and click on My Blog Directory"

  2. Sorry, you probably was not at the main page of the blog, and was at the archives or the post page. The blog template is such that the links section is unavailable in the archives or the post page. Darn. I have amended the post. Anyway you can access MyBlogDirectory by clicking here.

  3. Are there other good blog directories that allow adult content?

  4. I must be super stupid. I got the html thingy from My Blog Dir. but where do I paste it! HELP!!!


  5. Send the html thingy to me and I'll see what I can do. Refer to CONTACT in the CATEGRORIES at the top of the sidebar.

  6. I also got the html code but I'm not sure where to place it in my template . . . top? bottom? middle?

  7. I would suggest you place it in the sidebar section, perhaps among the LINKS section. Or you can place it just before or just after the profile. For this, refer to Blogger Template Tutorial Part 2

  8. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I tried to join your directory, but it wouldn't let me eventhough I'm already a member...weird

  9. I know this is an old link, but FYI, it no longer is valid.

    "503 Service Unavailable"

  10. Thanks StarKissed for the alert. I have deactivated all the links to BlogExplosion.

  11. Hi Peter, I don't know what's going on. Over here on the right side where it says "MY BLOGDIRECTORY," that link is coming up as "503" also. I'm just full of good news it seems ;-). If you want, you can come to my blog and see if there's any 503 links if you want...heheh, just kidding, but I wonder if it's just a weird glitch in the system somewhere? I'll check back in a few days. Third time will be a charm! ;-) You can come visit anyway.


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