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Sunday, March 19, 2006

How to delete photo

To delete photo, you will have to remove the relevant html code that has the tag that look something like this: <img src="photo.jpg"> while in the Edit Html mode. An easier way is to do it in the Compose mode.
  1. sign into Dashboard
  2. select relevant blog
  3. select relevant post
  4. click EDIT tab
  5. click COMPOSE tab
  6. click photo
  7. press DELETE key on your keyboard.
Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Webpage and Blog

The above only stop Blogger from displaying the photo. If you want the photo to be completely deleted, you will have to sign into Picasa Web Album and delete it there.

Appreciation to Prof. Jong-Seung Park for reminding me of that oversight.


  1. But, if the image has been loaded from Blogger, the photo remains available, if delete the post, the photo remains available too.


  2. How do you delete the actual file that you have uploaded?

  3. The only way to delete the photo file is to delete the post.

  4. Photos in your blogger are part of Picasa Web albums.
    Delete the photos in Picasa.

  5. Thanks Jong-Seung Park. I will update the post.

  6. I deleted from picasa. But i discovered that the picture is still on -
    And i realy need to delete that picture. Please help. :)

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've spent MONTHS trying to figure out how to permenantly delete pictures off my blogspot cause they show up in my android phone gallery multiple times which is straight up annoying! THANK YOU

  8. hey plz help .....whenever sumone likes my blog...a notification is shown on the facebook too with a pic....i want to change dat pic which is shown after liking the blog....wat shuld i hav to do for it????

  9. Change or delete either your Blogger profile photo or your Facebook profile photo or delete both.


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