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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How to contact Blogger Support

Update 21 November 2010: It is no longer possible to contact Blogger Support. Google have resorted to creating Help Forums with voluntary contributions from users of their products including Blogger to provide support to other users. The Help Forums are frequented by Google Employees but most of the questions are answered by more experienced users with occasional input from Google Employees. For Blogger, go to Blogger Help Forum.

If your problem is related to restoring deleted posts, blogs, gmail and Google accounts, please refer to FAQ: Restoring deleted posts, blogs, gmail and Google accounts.

Update 30 March 2008: This should have come earlier, but so short of time. Now you can only contact Blogger support for account and TOS (Terms of Service) issues via Blogger Support Contact Form. If you are not already signed into Blogger, you may have to sign in before you get to the Contact form.. All other requests for support should be directed to Google Blogger Help group. I am also providing support at Blogger General Discussions. Note also the email address given below cannot be used anymore. However, if you have a suggestion, you can try Blogger Wishlist.

Update 21 October 2007: Blogger keeps changing the way they can be contacted and I have given up updating this post. If you want, just try your luck. I couldn't get through just as another blogger (see latest comment) but there was another comment where a blogger said he got a reply but his problem still not solved. Wish I remember which post it was made as I would like to ask him how he got through. BTW a Blogger representative says Blogger support do read the messages but will not reply unless they want further information.

Update 12 November 2006: This post is out of date. Please refer to post How to contact Blogger Support updated (close new window to get back to this page). Please make sure you read the updates there.

Update 23 October 2006: Recently, Blogger has made it very difficult to contact Blogger support. The links to the contact form have now lead to a new page. Will update if I have any further information. In the meantime, you are encouraged to use the Help files and the Google Blogger Help group.

Blogger support makes their contact form or email difficult to find as they want support seekers to first use their HELP section. You should also try searching through, or posting your problem to the Google Blogger Help group: Blogger Help Google group. Look also into Blogger Buzz and Blogger Status to make sure it is not a known issue that can be solved on your own. If it is anything connected to Blogger Beta, look into Known Issues in Blogger Beta.

When you have done that, and you can't solve your problem, or it is not a known problem, then go to Blogger "Talk to us"
and submit your problem there.

Update: Blogger has changed the URL to the contact form. The new way to get in touch with them is via CONTACT US. (close new window to get back to this page)

You may also try to email You will very rarely get a human response. Expect an automated email response. Reply to this email. We have got human responses this way.

If there is a feature you want, or you have a suggestion to make to Blogger, go to Blogger Wishlist.

Update: I have got an email from a reader saying that he accidentally deleted his blog. After contacting Blogger support, and after a series of email, he has got his blog undeleted!!!! So folks, there is hope.

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  1. BULLSHIT really, no different response thatn if you just do support@

  2. Though rare, human have responded.

  3. I got a human response one time - but it was over two weeks after the incident and the problem was already resolved by then.

  4. i keep writing, nothing happens...i'm done being insulted that they think im spam, but after writing to them 5 times in 2 weeks, im irritated that not only have they not responded, but im still spam :(

  5. Hi Retail Swan,

    Sorry to hear about your difficulties, but I guess they are pretty short handed and have now directed all their resources to handling support request for the newly introduced Blogger Beta.

  6. I tried because I am having trouble with word verification (for the THIRD time!) and did not even get an automated reply. BLOGGER SUCKS!!!

  7. Anonymous10:38 PM

    I am having domain issues, I posted in the forum that doesn't work but does. I use go daddy and people offered advice but nothing worked. I'd like to take my issue to blogger, i know they are very busy and i know this is free. How would you recomend I proceed. BTW great site, use it all the time!

  8. Hi Team MangaKitty,

    This is a tough one for me to answer as I am very happy with blogspot and have never considered custom domain. Don't fancy having to deal with renewal of fees. I am retired. If anything happen to me and I am not around to renew the fee, my blogs stay on the web. So I have no experience to share.

    Regarding contact, Blogger has made that a toughie. As stated in this post How to contact Blogger Support part 2, I have contacted an employee of Blogger, but they have changed things and has now made that route impossible. In fact they have changed so often, that post have been updated just as often, and now I don't know if it is up to date.

    Recently, I got another Blogger Employee's email address, but am not allowed to disclose it, and it is for other purpose other than support anyway.

    That is all I can offer.

    Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
    "online book" in progress

    1. Anonymous11:49 PM

      Hi there Peter, I have gone through your online book in progress... and I still cannot access my dashboard in blogger to make changes to the blog. I have three blogs and very annoyed with this. I cant even delete the blogs because ... I followed all the instructions and the options arent there for me when I sign in Grrrrrrr

    2. ButterflyLady, try first loggin into your Blogger account then visit your blog. If you see those orange quick edit pencil icons and screwdriver-wrench icons then you are signed into the right account but for unknown reasons the blogs are not listed in your Dashboard. Go to Signed in right Blogger account but no blogs? Solution for the solution.

      BTW which online book you are referring to. Please give me the blog address (URL)

  9. Hi Team MangaKitty,

    I was going to advise contacting GoDaddy, but saw from your message that you have gone daddy and people offered advice. Is that a Go Daddy help forum? If so, why not try contacting GoDaddy support directly. That sounds like your best bet.

    Blogger Tips and Tricks

  10. It looks like Blogger may have changed things since this was posted. I accidentally deleted my blog (five years, 242 posts) and tried both the support tool and emailing Blogger directly. I got a reply to the email saying that they couldn't send a reply back. When I replied to that, it was bounced back...looks like a dead end.

  11. Hi Sean,

    Sorry to hear of your sorrows and wish this How to recover from an accidental delete but your old post will be a big problem, and considering the number of posts, even if possible, will be a monumental task.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Blogger Tips and Tricks

  12. Anonymous12:49 AM

    my causin had a blogspot ( ), but he is dead last sunday , so i try to continue what he started , i wanna get his password but , BUT !! HOW CAN I CONTACT DEVELOPPERS !!!!! NO WAY !!!

    Blgger is the best but the contact e mail is the BLACKPOINT !! :(

  13. Hi MusicGlob,

    Sorry about your cousin.

    Note that support at blogger dot com can no longer be used. Also see latest update at top of post. I think it says you can use their contact page (link) for account related matters and your problem is account related. How fast they respond will depend on your luck. Even if they respond, you probably have a big problem. It is not your account and I doubt they will give to you based on what you said. They have no way of checking if your cousin agreed to pass the Blogger account to you and I think they cannot just give the account to someone who ask for it.

    However, I suppose nothing is impossible. I suggest you include details like your relationship, death certificate, etc.

    Best wishes

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions_
    (Blogger FAQ in progress. More will be added as I have the time)

  14. Musicglob - sign up with Wordpress and "Import" the posts from that blog and then keep posting - only thing that will be imported though is the posts. the widgets will not be imported- you can always just put them in again.

  15. i am having the same domain issues. origionally two domains worked but since than i picked up a few that havent worked and really there is no person on earth to help from blogger and go daddy claims that they can do nothing on their end. it is a major scam and they are making alot of money off of this.

  16. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Hello Peter...I moved my blog from to custom domain in yahoo small business, it almost a week but still i can't see my blog in my new domain. Do i have to wait for a month or two? Thank you

  17. Hi Fanny,

    Did you use Custom domain? Did you get a 404 Page not found etc. or did you get some other kind of messages?

    Peter Blog*Star
    Dream Driven Life(TM)

  18. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Yes i use that custom domain, i do all the instruction there include create cname...etc and the message is like this.

    You are about to be redirected

    The previous blog here, in
    You want to redirect it »

    This blog is not hosted by Blogger and have not been checking for spam, viruses and other forms of malicious software.

  19. Hi Fanny,

    I think you will have to wait a while.

    Peter ChenBlog*Star
    Environmentally friendly presents (gifts)

  20. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Ok...thank you for your instant reply. I'll wait. Yeah...i'm Indonesian live in Taiwan.

  21. I agree with a lot of the posts here. They insulted me too by suspending two of my blogs. I blog a lot on different sites.There is no way on God's Green Earth to FIND an email let alone email them. And from what it sounds like-some people just gave up. Doesn't give me much confidence in this little Blogger that could. Thanks Google-but no now what?
    I take out my content and go somewhere else?

  22. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I'd like to know why when I click on my favorite link to my favorite Blogger blogger I get this:

    "Possible Blogger Terms of Service Violations"

    What kind of Blogger malfunction is responsible for this?

  23. That simply means Blogger robot have found something that has violated Blogger terms of service

  24. im sick of blogger the way it sometimes classes a blog as spam when it isnt.. also googles method of punishing sites for double entries on different sites, as it is unavoidable that people will select your text and repost on forums and blogs.. so they should rethink their antispam automated prevention system.. it doesnt stop the spammers, and it is causeing innocent bloggers to be molested and sometimes even get their sites deleted.
    I am in the process of saving all html from my 34 blogger sites and will republish on subdomains of my own hosted server. Blogger is crap and you never know when they are going to block or delete all your hard work. I have absolutely no spam only interesting original content all honest blogs but have lost 2 sites already and have 3 others blocked. SAimpy putting a paragraph in thai language will cause my site to be classed as spam the idiots. I am 7 lingual and make many sites in bilingual, mainly thai and english. Also hate the way they put the google pages in the language of whatever country you are in no matter how often you reset it.. what if an englishman moves to japan and all of a sudden all his google account is in japanese? he wont be able to find the link to the options to change back
    what a bunch of morons think we need everything deciding for us

  25. Blogger is a free platform, that is why they don't have active human working on support team as usual.

  26. My blog is marked as spam and the word verification doesn't have the question marknext to it like its supose it so i cna get myblog reviewed how else cnai get my blog reviewed?

  27. It has been a long time since I had to complete any word verifications
    for spam blog so I cannot remember if there is a ? for those with
    visual disablities. Anyhow, I have forwarded a request.

  28. MiKE,

    I was told that sometimes the browser will block Javascript that enables the ? for visually impaired. If so, you can try switching to different browsers and see if that helps.

  29. Thanks for the quik response, since my first comment the word verification has gone I'm not sure if this is because i requested in google groups for blogger help or maybe its because its been 24 hours and it has gone away until I post to much again. I will try to see if the '?' apears in different browsers thanks for your response.

  30. Ok the word verification is back. This time I tried it in all browsers I have mozzilla fire fox internet explorer and opera but still I can't see the '?' any other suggestions?

  31. Refer to How to enable scripting. Do let us know how you fare.

  32. Apparently, if your blog, or part of your blog, contains an error that you cannot possibly fix as a blog author you are simply out of luck.

    There are people in the help(less) forums who cannot even log into their blogs anymore and if no Blogger associate bothers responding then too bad.

  33. Thanks for the step by step guide to all this. Hugely helpful for html beginners like me.

  34. I tried to add a photo to my header, and apparently it's killed my blog. :( I can't get in to take it out, and I can't even see my blog anymore. I have more than one, but thankfully only the one that I tried to add a photo to is toast.
    IS there a way to fix this?
    is my blog in trouble.

  35. Have you been locked out from that blog? Malicious codes perhaps?

    Blogger engineers are currently diagnosing and responding to the problem that’s causing this error. Thanks for your patience.

    When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

    Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
    Provide the following error code and additional information.

  36. Can you take a look at this post and tell figure it out.

  37. Looks like there is some confusion regarding usernames (email addresses) and admin account. Looks like you will have to figure out which username apply to that blog

  38. Hi Peter,
    Any advice if your post on the blogger forums has no response? I have had an error when I try to view my followers, or any blog I follow's follwers for weeks now. I don't know how to fix this, or where else to go for help.
    Anything you could provide would be great. My error can be found here:

  39. am Sandun from Sri Lanka and using Blogger since 2005 & maintain well. Recently I brought a 2 domain names from Google & $ 10 each). But yesterday this 2 blogs were disabled due to SPAM. &

    I never get a notice regarding this & I am really confused about this. Next week I'm having my Masters Exams & bit of stress in me. Earliar i was open my comment line for everyone & then I set this to registered users only. But i use some 3rd party gadjets like Hit Counters. I can remove this 3rd party counters If you restore my 2 blogs.

    So i report blogger and no responses... What should i do...

  40. Dear Peter,
    Well i have been cooking lately with an idea about a (Microsoft Project-A Project management software) school powered on will need to give username and passwords to the Clients where they can view screencasts videos open attachments and have an interactive comment section...Does it sounds like a forum...And if so Blogger dowsnt have one...whats d right way to go about it???

  41. Unfortunately what you have in mind can't be done with Blogger. For that you will have to switch to Wordpress.

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  43. This is a bunch of fucking BULLSHIT! Once again, corporate business could give two fucks about customers and QA, opting to just put MORE useless (and CHEAPER) "help forums" in place of actual human interaction and RESPONSIBILITY!

    Which, is about the same level of quality either way, but at least with live CSRs there is a CHANCE you'll eventually get SOMEONE who knows what the hell they're talking about and can actually HELP! A stupid "help forum" is just THE SAME SOLITARY DEAD END of USELESSNESS!!

    What does a person do when the generic and useless crap in the "help forums" provide NO ANSWERS or SOULTIONS???? WHAT THEN??? We're screwed!

    Is the "Help Forum" going to offer explanations of technical problems that perhaps have the server down or other unique circumstances? NO! And it obviously is not setup to handle the UNIQUE CIRCUMSTANCES of the user's problem!!!

    Furthermore, the problem I am having is with my Blogger Dashboard, which I CANNOT ACCESS (the fucking page is BLANK), and therefore I cannot even try any of the self-help options because they ALL REQUIRE ME TO ACCESS SOMETHING VIA THE DASHBOARD!!!!

    I think I may just delete my blog and all my Google accounts because GOOGLE IS INCOMPETENT AND USELESS!!!! I only pay $10/yr for my Blogger domain name, but even that is $10 too much to pay for this kind of INCOMPETENCE and INDIFFERENCE!!!

    Without access to my Blogger Dashboard I cannot make new blogs or manage any other changes!! Why throw $10 out the window each year for something I can do NOTHING with?

    Google has become such a giant that I guess they felt it was now alright to drop the fucking ball, automate EVERYTHING, kick back, and be USELESS ASSHOLES, drawing salaries for doing NOTHING!! Fuck the customers who have been loyal all these years, right? We're on our own now.

    Fuck you, Google/Blogger. Fuck you with cancer and AIDS, you useless fucktards.

  44. I can't upload pictures anymore to my blog. I was wondering when will the browser button will come back?

  45. hi this is pratibh
    i want to know that i have created a blog but' don't have a website so how can i earn money through blog

  46. A blog is a type of website so if you have a blog, you have a website. You need content and traffic (visitors). So start publishing good content if you want AdSense. Otherwise try 15 Alternatives to Google AdSense

  47. I had a very nice blog with blogger - - . It had hundreds of posts and lot of traffic. People liked the stuff. There was some Adsense revenue also. Alas Google did not like it and deleted the blog entirely. They send me a little email informing me about that. All my years of work was ruined. Google has become a monster with no regard to the hard work put in by individuals like me. And there is no way to ask them. I violated no terms and was writing genuinely. What goes up, goes down. If Google has grown so fast and has become that arrogant, it will lick the dust one day. I am sure. I hate blogger now and I am warning everyone to be careful while using blogger as they can delete your blog any time and you can do nothing about that. Google is the evil of the day and has disproportionate control over lives of people. This company needs to be reigned.

  48. Maverick, pop over to the Blogger Help Forum where I am Top Contributor and request for review. A guy nickname Nitecruzr is very active in escalating request for blog deletion reviews to Blogger Employees and you have a chance to get your blog reinstated.

  49. Just another way of abandoning us when we need help we are denied it,. plus I still can not find a way to make money because of adblockers. google needs to block people who use these programs.

  50. Kevin, I don't work for Blogger. If anyone needs help, is it better to have only 1 brain working or many brains?

  51. Anonymous11:51 PM

    I have gone through your online book in progress and STILL CANNOT ACCESS my Blogger Dashboard for any of my Three Blogs. I have signed in and there is NO OPTION to access my dashboard to make very relevant changes to my blogs!! This sucks - big time!

  52. Kevin if you have problem go to Blogger Help Forum

  53. hi i have one problem with my bloog site i use the method for move my post into other page m click on edit of post and copy all coding and then open page and click on edit page and past all coding in this window but problem is that that post is not showing as like my home page show
    see my site when u open home page u can see posts normal and also look is good but when you see software page its very different plz plz plz tell me how to change that page look like Home page .... Thanks


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