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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For ads after each post, where to paste the codes?

Update 8 April 2008: Please note that this post was written before the New xml Blogger template was introduced. It can however be still applicable if you are still using the old classic Blogger template.

(for New Blogger (formerly Beta), please see update at bottom of the post)

If you want the AdSense ads to appear after each posts, paste the codes after the <$BlogItemBody$> as shown in the screenshot above.

Update: AdSense TOS place a maximum of 3 ad units on any page. Strictly, if you have more than 3 posts on the main page, that theoretically will place more than 3 ad units on the main page. I have more than 3 posts for this blog, and I have pasted the AdSense script such that the ad unit get displayed at the top of every page. In fact, I also am supposed to have a Wide Skyscraper ad unit in the sidebar. However, AdSense detect that and do not display the extra ad units. The ad unit in the sidebar will only be displayed when one go to the individual post page (permalink), in which case, only 2 ad units will be displayed, one above that post, and one in the sidebar.

After reading the number of publishers who have their account suspended, I decided to be extra careful. To make sure, I contacted AdSense Help regarding the matter, and the reply was that it is OK for this particular blog. Whether this means we have to get clearance for every blogs that have this feature or not, I do not know. I think I will contact AdSense Help once more to make sure. Sure don't want to have my account suspended. You can leave things as it is and take the chance (or contact AdSense Help Center AdSense Help Center or just take the chance. Or you can ensure you comply with the TOS by adjusting the number of pages that get displayed on your main page, for example, if you only have ads in the post, adjust that to display only 3 pages in the main page).

UPDATE: I have been reading numerous reports of AdSense account holders having their account suspended, often without the exact reason for the suspension being given. I have contacted AdSense Help once more for a more definitive answer but the answer were vague, just referring to the fact that one should have a maximum of 3 ad units on each page. As such, I have decided to stop using this for my site, and instead of putting ads in each post, I have put the leaderboard ad unit just below the header. Better to be safe than be sorry.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Another AdSense Publisher, Sherry, did her ads exactly as described in this post, and contacted AdSense Help Center for clearance. Her blog is here: AdSense and Affiliates. She got this reply:

Hello Sherry,

Thanks for emailing us about our policies.

I've reviewed your website and found the number of Google ads displayed to be in accordance with our program policies. On any given page, you're welcome to place up to:

- three standard ad units
- one link unit
- two search boxes
- four referral units for different products

For additional questions, I'd encourage you to visit the AdSense Help Center
(, our complete resource center for all AdSense topics. Alternatively, feel free to post your question on the forum just for AdSense publishers: the AdSense Help Group (

I hope you find this information helpful.


The Google AdSense Team

So folks, it is really up to you whether you want to use this method to display the AdSense ads or not.

UPDATE 21 January 2007: For New Blogger (formerly beta), please refer to post Incorporate AdSense ads into your New Blogger posts.

UPDATE 9 September 2007: There is an easier way to put Google ads between post now with New Blogger templates. You don't even have to get into the template editor, only the LAYOUT. See Ads bewtween for blogs with New Blogger templates

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  1. I have a question about this. If I have a weeks' worth of posts up at a time, would this get me in trouble for having too many ads (7) up on the page? If that would be a no-no, can you suggest how to put ads at the bottom of the post on the individual post pages only?

  2. You will get only 3 ads, in the first 3 posts. The rest will be suppressed. I do not know of any way to put ads at the bottom of 1 individual post only at the main page, but if you follow method in this post, there will only be 1 ad unit at the bottom of the individual post page.

    Regarding whether this is a no-no, well, I have cleared it with Googel AdSense support for this particular blog only. Other blogs I suppose, I will have to write in again.

  3. Thanx alot , I tried it and it works very nice , thanx for the information.
    Health For All

  4. how to lay the adsense code in the blogger beta version, you know the template code is different from previous one.

  5. Not exactly what you are looking for but something similar: Wrapping around post to ads

    Haven't had time to test it yet, but when I do, I will probably make a post at Testing Blogger Beta

    In the meantime, if you have suceeded, I hope you will let us know by commenting or emailing me. My email is in my blogs.

    Blogger Tips and Tricks
    Dummies Guide for Google Blogger

  6. Hi Peter,

    Adsense enables us to have up to 3 Ad blocks...which my blog does have. So I do believe I am within the Adsense TOS. I will do some research to verify though. Thanks.

  7. Hi All,

    Still dont understand where to place my adsence code which was issued to me to reflect my blog in their registration stuff.

    Anyone could please help me. In simple language pls.


  8. Could you be using the New Blogger template? If so, you will have to refer to this post: New Blogger (formerly beta): How to incorporate your AdSense ads into the post.

    Peter a.k.a. Enviroman
    Enviroman Says

  9. This post is applicable to those using the old (classic) Blogger template. I am wondering if you are using the New (formerly beta) template. If so, have a look at this post: New Blogger (formerly beta): How to incorporate AdSense ads into the post.

    Peter a.k.a. Enviroman
    Enviroman Says

  10. what i have i my template is this:
    it's the closest line i could find to where you instructed to put the code in so that the ads appear after each post. however, my ads appeared below the blogger nav bar! help please!

  11. Hi =isleng=.

    What template are you using?

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Generating Revenue from your Website

  12. to be honest, i'm actually not sure since i had the template installed by TJ of Zazzafooky art. her website and her template designs can be found at, though. so i'm pretty confused. i've actually emailed her asking for her help with the codes already.

  13. Hi =isleng=

    Check to see if the template is old classic template or New Blogger template. This post New Blogger template or old classic template should help you.

    BTW all her templates seem to be 2 column. I very much prefer 3 column templates. See Best template for your blog.

    Plenty to chose now and all free:

    (remember to backup current template PLUS Page Elements. See Backing up template and Page Elements and changing template)

    New Blogger template modified by Stavanger
    Dots New Blogger template with Header
    New Blogger templates modified by Ramani
    New Blogger templates by Isnaini
    New Blogger templates by Thur
    Ramani's New Blogger Neo template
    New Blogger template by Final Sense
    New Blogger templates by BloggerBuster

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    How you can help Blogger Tips and Tricks
    (no one should feel obligated. Everthing completely voluntary)

  14. Hi =isleng=,

    If you are using the New Blogger template, there is now an easier way to do it:
    Adsense between posts.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Earning Online

  15. Hey help me to earn more as i have got only few bucks till now.

    Also help me to add the comments entered by visitors at the bottom of the post itself. waiting for ur reply. thanks in advance

  16. thanks q for your tutorial. i just know that adsense just allow 3 ads per page.

  17. Peter,

    Good description about the ads, as my 120x 160 ad would not display in the L/ sidebar. But now does, since I set to publish only one post on the main page under formatting in settings.

    About ads - I wonder if you can figure out a method to display search results, from the adsense Google custom search bar to display within one's own own blog (like some web sites can), rather than the google domain. Does a special formatted post have to be prepared, perhaps on another blog to display the search results?

  18. Please note I have to update this old post. This post is for those still using the old classic Blogger template.

    Regarding search results, I am afraid I have been quite satisfied with the search result page appearing in a new window and never tried getting it in the blog itself.


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