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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Blogger, a free blogging service now owned by Google, is a very popular. However, beginners are often faced with "how to" problems. This site will be a collection of "how to" tips. Some of the tips are also relevant to those using other blogging services. There are many posts here and you will not see all the tips on the main page. There may not be many new posts here because of the reasons stated in this post: Why I change the Header (click "BACK" button to get back to this page). However, this site will still be useful to you as you can find new posts as explained below.

To navigate around the site,
1. Type in the key words into the search boxes. There are two - the blogsearch in the left corner of the navbar (Blogger toolbar) right at the top of the page, and the Google sitesearch box (in which you can also search my other blogs as well as the web). Regarding the search boxes, I would suggest you use both the Google sitesearch as well as the blogsearch at the top navbar as I have found that often, when one doesn't get the information one wants, the other one will.
2. Check CATEGORIES at the top of the sidebar. Clicking on a topic will get you to a page that shows post relevant to the topic. The number of posts displayed will depend on your settings. There may be more posts than what you will see in the page, and you may have to click "earlier" to see the posts categorised earlier.
3. Refer to PREVIOUS POSTS or use the ARCHIVES in the sidebar and find the relevant post.
4 If you are at the archive page or an individual post page (permalink), to get back to the main (home) page click the blog title at the top of the page. If you want to search all the previous posts, the way to do it is to start with the main page, look at the previous posts there, then click the last post. This will take you to the next set of previous posts. Do this consecutively and you will get to see all the previous posts.

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You may also chose to get the book Publishing a Blog with Blogger Content

Other relevant books are:

Blogging for Dummies

The Rational Guide to Google Blogger
This book covers the basic and the not-so-basic concepts and technologies that you need to know in order to thrive in the blogging world.
With this book, you will learn how to use Blogger’s Post Editor and Dashboard to create sophisticated postings that include images and hyperlinks, and how to change the look and feel of your blog using templates. Other topics include making money using Google’s AdSense and’s Associates program, using photo blogging services, adding a site counter so that you can track your readership, using Blogger Mobile for mobile blogging, and how to archive your blog. For those of you who have your own Web hosting, you will learn how to publish your blog to your own server.
This book takes a rational, no-nonsense approach in a compact guide. The book is written to give you the basics…fast!
Technical accuracy is assured by Biz Stone, Former Senior Specialist on the Google Blogger Team.
This book comes with this free bonus material:
1. Bonus Chapter: "Blogger Security"
2. Bonus Chapter: "Blogger Development with the API"


  1. This intro really ought to be in one of the sidebars. I really like for the new post to be at the top of a blog. No harm done, but I'm opinionated like everyone else!

  2. I am planning to move the Introduction to an earlier date and introduce a new category Introduction in the sidebar.


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