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Friday, April 20, 2012

Export Blogger posts to Wordpress

I would hate to see you go, but if you must leave Blogger for Wordpress and want to export your Blogger blog posts to your new Wordpress blog, refer to

New Wordpress import from Blogger (Update: In the new Blogger Interface, what was formerly named as EXPORT is now replaced by a BACKUP/RESTORE tab in the TEMPLATE section of SETTINGS/TEMPLATE

In the new Blogger User Interface, the steps to sign into (Dashboard), click SETTINGS/TEMPLATE then click on the BACKUP/RESTORE tab


  1. Is there supposed to be more to this post? It ends rather abruptly.

    Also, that link to Wordpress isn't very helpful for me - it seems to only refer to importing from traditional blogger blogs, not from blogs published from Blogger via FTP to another domain.

  2. Hi Alda,

    I am afraid that is where it may have to end. I am half-way through finishing a "comparison" between Wordpress and Blogger while attempting to do various other things (a think I am some kind of Superman) and hope to finish it before I put my little head on the pillow (it is now 10.14pm, don't get to finish all I want to do in a day very often).

    If you want to read more about Wordpress, you will have to check back on this blog later or subscribe to the feed.

    Plus you are the first one who "complained" of too short a post. Many recommend against publishing looooong post, and I am often guilty of that.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Blogger Dough
    (Blogging helped my put 2 sons through college on my pension and if not for blogging, I would have been in financial difficulties. We want to help you do the same)

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  4. I have tried Wordpress but I did not like it. Because it is very complicated to understand,and use.I could not understand how to ajust the settings to what I wanted,e.g. change page color or layout and just never got on with it at all. I think that wordpress is more for people with advanced skill and knowledge of the internet. Blogger is better because it is easy to use and I have set my blogs to old post editer. Very helpful as this checks my spelling mistakes and corrects them for me.

  5. Very useful. Still not quite sure if I am going to move my blog to wordpress, but it is good to know the procedure.

  6. Wordpress is very easy for your readers to share with One Click unlike the blogger and with that... Your traffic will usually Boost!!

  7. Hello. I tried importing my blogspot to but really didn't like it so want to go back to blogger. Do I need to export it back to blogger, or can i just carry on using blogger and just delete the wordpress files from my computer? Thanks!

  8. If you have not deleted your blogspot blog, I think you definitely can just carry on.

  9. Question: when I go to export my blogger blog, instead of creating an .xml file, it just opens it in Reader. How do I get it to create the xml file so I can relocate it?

  10. I just tested backing up with Firefox browser and saved the xml file with no problem. Perhaps you can try using a different browser.

    The steps I took: Dashboard/template/click Backup/Restore tab at top right corner

  11. I had imported posts from blogger to wordpress. but some posts still not come to my wordpress what is problem according to you..
    Sukanta Sarkar

  12. I suppose you would need to import it manually using the EDIT HTML mode

  13. Fantastic article, it’s very comprehensive and exciting! it’s so helpful to me, and your weblog is very good. I am definitely going to share this URL with my friends. Just bookmarked this site.

  14. Peter - From what I can see, the Backup/Restore button is for your Blogger template only, true? Not of much value in a Wordpress installation, as I understand it.
    To transfer blog content, one should export the full .xml file from Settings>BlogTools>Export; then import to the new Wordpress installation using the utility there.
    Worried that your very brief advice might cause some folks to lose their content by mistake.

  15. I am thinking about wordpress. Has anyone actually exported a blogger blog to wordpress?

  16. This is a 7 month old posts with good intention but too little drive. The problem is my main blog is a custom domin and I am not yet confident that the permalink will remain the same or if there is a way to make it stay the same. Otherwise there would be a lot of old inbound links that will become dead links and I would not want that. Still exploring.

  17. thanks for sharing your wordpress tutorial, this is great.

  18. For James, if you search the Internet you will probably find more info on exporting Blogger blog to wordpress. Regarding possible loss of content, just don't delete the Blogger blog until you are condident the content had been properly exported. In fact, I don't like to delete blog and if you are afraid of duplicate content, you can reset the blog to be non-searchable by search engines or editing the posts to link to the new post in wordpress.


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